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Wallpaper Creates Personality in Interior Design

Wallpaper has indeed made a comeback in interior design in recent years. After falling out of favor for a period, wallpaper is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity for several reasons:

Wallpaper Creates Personality in Interior Design

1. Versatility

Modern wallpaper comes in a wide range of styles, patterns, and textures, making it a versatile design element that can suit a variety of tastes and design aesthetics. Whether you prefer colorful and bold patterns or subtle and understated designs, there’s likely a wallpaper option to match your vision. At Foundry Home Interior Design, we love to incorporate unique wallpaper patterns into our clients’ homes (see photo above of the wallpaper that Foundry Home integrated into the powder bath of this new construction design project in Bennington, Nebraska).

2. Personalization

Wallpaper allows homeowners to add their style and personality to their spaces in a unique way. You can choose from a multitude of designs, from floral and geometric patterns to textured and rustic finishes, to create a space that reflects your personality and style.

3. Accent walls

One popular use of wallpaper is to create eye-catching accent walls which make for a great backdrop for any Zoom call in a home office. A single wall covered in a striking wallpaper pattern can become the focal point of a room and add visual interest without overwhelming the entire space

4. Easy application and removal

Modern wallpaper is often designed to be easier to install and remove than traditional wallpaper, thanks to advancements in adhesive and printing technologies. This makes it more accessible for those who like to change their decor frequently.

5. Texture and depth

Wallpaper can introduce texture and depth to a room that paint alone cannot achieve. Textured wallpapers, such as those with raised patterns or embossed designs, can add an extra layer of visual interest and tactile appeal.

6. Artistic expression

Wallpaper can be a form of artistic expression. Many designers and artists collaborate with wallpaper manufacturers to create unique and stunning designs that can transform a room into a work of art.

7. Retro and vintage revival

Some wallpaper designs draw inspiration from past eras, evoking a sense of nostalgia and retro charm. This revival of vintage patterns has contributed to wallpaper’s resurgence in popularity.

8. Sustainability

Environmentally friendly wallpaper options are becoming more prevalent, with manufacturers offering eco-conscious choices made from sustainable materials and using eco-friendly printing processes.

9. Wellness and biophilic design

Wallpaper can be used to bring elements of nature indoors, contributing to the growing trend of biophilic design, which seeks to connect interior spaces with the natural world. Botanical and nature-inspired wallpaper patterns are particularly popular for this purpose.

Wallpaper has reemerged as a valuable design tool that offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Its resurgence in popularity can be attributed to its versatility, personalization options, ease of use, and ability to add depth, texture, and artistic flair to interior spaces. Whether used as an accent or to cover entire rooms, wallpaper is once again a prominent feature in contemporary interior design.

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